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Introduction to Internet Marketing and E-commerce
ABUS 274-TX1 • CRN

Course Syllabus, Spring 2012

Contact Information
Instructor: Annie Duffy; aduffy@alaska.edu or 907-474-8133
Office hours are by appointment and email messages are generally returned the next business day.

Course Description
This course is about marketing on the Internet and how businesses employ electronic commerce. It will provide students with an understanding of how the Internet can be used to create a brand presence, complete commercial transactions, and other important aspects of having an online business. In addition to traditional Web 1.0 media, Web 2.0 media will be discussed, including Facebook and Twitter.

Course Outcomes

  • An understanding of the history of online business, marketing and the Internet.
  • An appreciation of the e-marketing and e-commerce environment, particularly how certain technologies are employed to allow commerce to take place online.
  • Insight into the complexity of brand marketing and sales in a Web 2.0 world.
  • Hands-on knowledge of how to build an online presence for a small business using websites, Facebook, Twitter, phone apps, as well as how to set up an online store.

Course Format
This course has been designed for web-based delivery. It consists of twelve modules; each comprised of a “lecture” or module text, required readings, student activities, and study questions. Students will discuss the module text in the online discussion forum weekly. English will be the principal language used, with understanding for those who first language is not English. The instructor can be contacted through email at aduffy@alaska.edu or via telephone at 907-474-8133.

Course Content
Course material is available online in the “Course Content” section of the course website and may be found in the individual course modules. Students must purchase an electronic or hard copy version of “E-Marketing”, 6th edition, by Strauss and Frost, the required textbook. The textbook can be ordered online through UAF CDE at http://CRCD-gotbooks.com. The full ordering information is:

“E-Marketing”, 6th Edition, by Judy Strauss and Raymond Frost
ISBN-10: 0132147556; Publisher: Prentice Hall

Additional materials may be supplied or suggested throughout the course.

Course Assessment
The evaluation for this course will be done in English. Student assessment will be based on four components of the course:

  1. Participation in online blog forums for each module of this course. Weekly postings are required. (26%)
  2. Essay assignments: 2 pages each, due week 4 and week 8. (10% each, 20% total)
  3. Midterm exam: due during week 6. (24%)
  4. Final project : Review of final project online as well as 4 page supplemental report, due at the end of week 13. (30%)

Course Assessment Details

  1. Online participation (26 points; 26%)
    You are expected to take an active part in online class discussions. Ideally, you will do the week’s reading by the end of the week and contribute to the blog dialogue by the following week. Contact the instructor if you are or will be unable to get online for any length of time.
  2. Essay assignments: 2 pages each, due week 4 and week 8 (10 points each; 10% each/20% total)
    You will be required to research, prepare, and complete two short assignments related to the readings and modules. The first assignment will be due at the beginning of week five and the second will be at the beginning of week nine. Please consult the web for the assignments. They will be both available at least one week prior to the submission due date.
  3. Midterm exam (24 points; 24%)
    The midterm exam will be conducted online at the midpoint of the term. (At the end of week 6.)
  4. Final project (30 points; 30%)
    The final project is due at the end of week 13. The final project and your evaluation of it is comprised of two parts, each of which will be graded:

4a. Using the tools and technologies discussed in class, create a mockup site for your own small business or mock sales product that will serve as an online portfolio demonstrating your e-marketing  and e-commerce skills.

4b. Based upon what you learned through this project, please write a 4-page essay on how you used various e-marketing and e-commerce techniques to complete your project.

Course Policies
Late submission policy:
Late written work will not be accepted without instructor consent. It is always best to be to contact the instructor before missing an assignment or discussion deadline if at all possible. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, such as in a case of illness or another major problem, contact the instructor as soon as possible so alternate arrangements can be made.

Special needs: Should you have special needs, please let the instructor know.

Plagiarism: Plagiarism is a serious academic offense. Plagiarism includes copy phrases, sentences, paragraphs, pictures, illustrations, maps, etc. from any source, including books, magazines, articles, web pages, radio, television, film, etc. and presenting it in your own work without acknowledging the original author. You are encouraged to analyze and write about other people’s work, but please be very clear which ideas are not your own.

Students with Disabilities
Students with learning disabilities who may need accommodations are encouraged to contact Disability Services (http://uaf.edu/chc/disability.html) or phone (907)474-7043.

Additional assistance can also be obtained from Student Support Services (http://www.uaf.edu/sssp/) or phone (907) 474-6844.

Getting Started
For the for first week, participation is worth up to 2 points, but for the other 11 weeks your online comments will be worth up to 3 points. It may not seem like much, but by the end of the semester they will add up to 26% of your grade, so please participate! Your comments are important even if they are only a couple of sentences. Replying to other student’s comments, asking other students questions, or otherwise creating a conversation is strongly encouraged. The instructor will respond to your comments. We will write more about the other assignments as the course goes along.

Also, please make sure you order your textbook in time to receive it by the first day of class. Readings will begin immediately and are an important part of your coursework